Mission Statement

As a leading proponent of the cause of enrichment, The National Enrichment Teachers Association is dedicated to elevating the enrichment industry as a whole and protecting the welfare and safety of school-aged children by providing a forum in which enrichment teachers' knowledge and skills are tested and heightened through NETA's certification, continuing education and training programs.  As the leader in setting quality standards for the enrichment industry, NETA assists organizations and agencies implementing or operating child enrichment programs through our consultation services by establishing a uniform set of standards and practices predicated on safety, ethics and professionalism.  NETA further advances the cause of enrichment by lobbying for governmental support at the local, state and federal level and by initiating and promoting legislation providing for the continued funding of enrichment, outreach and after school programs as well as legislation mandating certification and training for enrichment professionals, thereby securing the enrichment industry's rightful place in the school-aged child education system.