Methods of Testing

There are three options by which a candidate can take the NETA Certification Exam.  First, is to take the exam through our Proctored Online Exam program.  The second option is to take the NETA Pencil to Paper Certification Exam on one of the multiple predetermined testing dates and locations that are made available throughout the year (check the Calendar for upcoming test dates & locations).  The third and final option is through the Testing On Demand group testing service, which is available to enrichment program providers/employers for their teaching staffs.  All formal policies, procedures and regulations for the examination are found in the certification guide.  


The ONLINE NETA certification exam is the most widely utilized and popular method of testing. This computer-based, user-friendly method allows the candidate to take the exam at their own convenience. The NETA Certification Exam is proctored and conducted by Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP), an internationally recognized leader in online computer based testing services.  Certified enrichment teacher candidates can take the NETA Certification Exam at one of AMP’s many testing facilities located throughout the nation.  To find a testing center near you, click here:

AMP has over twenty five years of experience in the field of candidate assessment.  They assess more than 250,000 candidates on an annual basis for over 80 credentialing organizations throughout the world.  To learn more about AMP, click here

Please Note:  At-home online testing is not available.  In order to secure the integrity of the exam and to ensure the safety of the public, the online version of the NETA Certification Exam will be administered only at authorized testing centers and under the supervision of AMP proctors. 


Pencil to Paper testing is the traditional, time-honored approach to formal examination.  The first step is to check the Calendar for an upcoming test date.  You may choose an exam in any state regardless of where you reside.  Once you have selected a test date & location complete, sign and mail in your NETA Certification Exam Registration Form and tuition to reserve your space.  Remember, if you signed up for PREP COURSE 201 Instructor Competency Education Intensive, the tuition you paid for the course covers the testing fee for the NETA Certification Exam as well as one complimentary re-test if you fail to pass the exam. 

TESTING OPTION # 3: TESTING ON DEMAND $ group rates apply

If you are an enrichment program provider and your organization has been given a deadline by which your teaching staff must be certified, the National Enrichment Teachers Association's Testing On Demand service can fulfill your needs.
With Testing On Demand, you simply contact NETA to set up a testing date which is convenient for you and your organization.  On the appointed day, our proctors will come to your facility and administer the NETA Certification Exam to your entire teaching staff.  NETA can also provide discounted group testing rates and differing payment structures, contingent upon the size and needs of your organization - the group rate can be issued to each teacher on your staff (if paid by the individual teacher) or a premium discounted rate can be provided to your organization if your organization is to remit the testing fee in its entirety.  Please feel free to contact NETA for further details.

A NETA-certified teaching staff is the benchmark of quality in the enrichment industry.  Private enrichment companies, summer camps, YMCAs, private studios, PTA programs, day care centers, private and public schools, municipal enrichment programs, et al, can all take advantage of NETA's Testing On Demand service.  Increase public safety, heighten competence and professionalism in the field and reduce your exposure to liability.  Contact NETA today!


It is every candidate's option to take the NETA Certification Exam without the benefit of having purchased NETA's study materials or having enrolled in NETA's preparatory courses.  In order to better facilitate one's understanding of the ideas, concepts, job/performance domains and other issues facing enrichment teachers today, we recommend a candidate wishing to take the NETA Certification Exam purchase the NETA manual or, if they wish, enroll in one of NETA's preparatory courses.
At NETA, we realize that no two people are alike.  That includes their schedules, work, school, etc.  In light of this, we have made available several options to help you study for your certification:

  • Enrichment Teachers Companion $42
    NETA Study Manual
    This is the most direct approach. Simply purchase the NETA textbook, “The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion”, and start studying for the exam at your own pace.
  • Prep Course 101      $350
    Instructor Competency Education 
    To help prepare enrichment teachers for the NETA Certification Exam, we created Prep Course 101: Instructor Competency Education. This six hour, in-class lecture reviews all aspects of enrichment teaching, everything from classroom management, child safety and school codes to interview techniques and self marketing. Course also includes a copy of the NETA textbook, “The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion”. Check the calendar to see when Prep Course 101 is being offered in your area.
    Prep Course WEB101 $99  (Available starting Fall 2010)
  • Instructor Competency Education 
    To fully prepare the computer literate teacher for the NETA Certification Exam, we have begun work on Prep Course Web 101: Instructor Competency Education.  Currently in development, this six hour online course reviews all the basics of enrichment teaching, everything from classroom management, child safety and school codes to interview techniques and self marketing using video lectures, written tutorials and interactive applications. Course also includes a copy of the NETA textbook, “The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion”.
  • Prep Course 201      $670 (Available starting Fall 2010)
  • Instructor Competency Education Intensive 
    Prep Course 201: Instructor Competency Education Intensive is an in-depth analysis of the enrichment industry, enrichment teaching and self marketing in preparation for the NETA Certification Exam.  The course consists of two six hour sessions: an in-class lecture reviewing all aspects of enrichment teaching as well as a lab utilizing practical applications for classroom management, student safety techniques, and role-playing situations enrichment teachers commonly encounter.  Tuition includes a copy of the NETA textbook, “The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion”, the NETA Certification Examination fee and, if necessary, a complimentary re-test should you fail to pass the exam.  Check the calendar to see when PREP COURSE 201 is being offered in your area.