You must be at least 18 years of age.

Remit applicable fees and completed application form.

Although it is not required, it is strongly recommended that you have a minimum of one year of verifiable work experience with children and a proficiency in the subject you wish to teach.
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NETA Certification Examination Fee:                                            $140

Payments may be made in the form of a check, money order or major credit card (Visa or MasterCard only).  Checks or           money orders are made payable to: National Enrichment Teachers Association, Inc.

Applications with a declined credit card or returned check will incur an additional fee of $25.

NETA Certification Exam fees, re-test fees, and fees for other NETA programs, classes and services are subject to change without notice. 

Pencil to Paper Exam Application Procedures:

NETA will only register candidates that submit a signed and completed application and pay the exam fee.  Signed applications must be mailed or faxed.  (No online registrations are accepted nor will they be responded to).
Once your application and testing fee has been processed by NETA, you will receive a confirmation via email and/or           postcard declaring your eligibility to take the exam.

Your eligibility is valid for a period of 6 months from the time you are declared eligible. Candidates who do not attend an examination before their eligibility expires (6 months) will forfeit their application fee and must reapply and resubmit the application fee again. You must submit your application for the NETA Certification Exam a minimum of 30 days prior to           the exam date you would like to attend.

You will receive an admission ticket from NETA, approximately two weeks prior to the exam date.  The admission ticket           will give you the location and address where the exam will be held as well as admittance into the test site for the NETA           Certification Exam.  You must contact NETA if you lose, misplace or have not received your admission ticket at least one           week prior to the exam date.  You must have an admission ticket to be permitted into the testing facility.

Proctored Online Exam Application Procedures:

NETA will only register candidates for the online exam who have submitted to NETA a signed and completed application           and pay the exam fee in full.  Signed applications must be mailed or faxed.  (No online registrations are accepted nor will they be responded to).

Once your application and testing fee has been processed by NETA, you will receive an exam confirmation and                     appointment information from AMP declaring you eligible to take the exam.  Online exam confirmations and appointment           information will be issued to you via email and/or postcard by AMP.

NETA is proud to be affiliated with Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP), an internationally recognized leader           in online computer based testing services.  For proctored online testing locations near you, click here:

Sample Eligibility Confirmation:

Your eligibility for the NETA Certification Examination has been approved.  Please visit the AMP website at or call (888) 519-9901 to schedule an examination appointment.  When scheduling to take your examination, the ID# XXXXXXXXX will be used in place of your social security number.   You must schedule and complete your examination before your eligibility period expires in 6 months.  Candidates who do not schedule an examination appointment before their eligibility expires will forfeit their application fee and must reapply and resubmit the application fee again.  If you have any questions concerning your eligibility or scheduling a test appointment, please contact the Candidate Support Center at (888) 519-9901.  Best wishes for success on the examination!  This email is generated automatically, and is not monitored for responses.  If you have any questions about the information in this email please visit our website at

Sample Appointment Confirmation:

You are scheduled to take the NETA Certification Exam on 00/00/20_ _ at 00:00am/pm at your local AMP Assessment Center.  You may only schedule one appointment at a time per examination.  All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  You will be eligible to take the NETA Certification Exam for a period of 6 months from the time you have been declared eligible.  You must schedule an appointment to take the exam before the 6 month term expires.  Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the entire exam fee.  If you fail to appear or do not take the exam on the date you registered for without having notified AMP in advance, you forfeit the entire examination fee.  See Rescheduling for NETA’s policies on rescheduling your NETA Certification Exam.  For a complete listing of AMP’s examination protocols and procedures, click here: AMP - Online Testing Candidate Handbook Information.
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What to Bring to the Exam:

Your admission ticket (for pencil to paper test).

On the day of your examination, you are required to bring with you TWO forms of identification (ID).  The primary ID           must be current, issued by a government agency, and include your photograph and signature.  The secondary ID                     consists of your printed name and signature.  Acceptable forms of primary ID:  driver’s license, state identification card,           passport, or a military identification card.  Acceptable forms of secondary ID:  credit card with signature, membership           card/check cashing card with signature, social security card with signature, notarized photograph with signature or           employment/student ID card with signature.  If your name on this document is different than it appears on your                     identification, you must bring proof of your name change (e.g., marriage license, divorce decree or court order).

Candidates are prohibited from misrepresenting their identities or falsifying information to obtain admission to the examination. 

Candidates will be required to sign a roster for verification of identity to gain admission to the examination.

If taking the Pencil to Paper version of the NETA Certification Exam, bring two soft lead (#2) pencils and an eraser.

Exam Rules:

For Pencil to Paper Exams ONLY: Check in for the exam begins 1 hour prior to the exam start time.  All candidates must report to the exam site no later than ½ hour before the exam is scheduled to begin.  As of 20 minutes prior to the exam start time, your space may be allotted to a stand-by candidate.  Only the individual named on the registration form will be admitted to the exam site.   No one will be admitted after the exam has begun.

For Online Exams ONLY: All candidates must report to the exam site no later than your scheduled testing time.  A candidate who arrives more than 15 minutes after the scheduled testing time will not be admitted.

No visitors are allowed at the exam site, including children and spouses.

All work must be performed by you alone.

You will have three hours to complete the 300 multiple choice question exam.

Sharing information with or disrupting the work of others is cause for dismissal with no refund.  Impersonating another           candidate, giving or receiving help on the exam, or removing exam materials or notes from the exam site are also causes           for dismissal with no refund.

No dictionaries, reference materials or paper allowed in the exam room.

No food or drinks allowed.

For additional rules, regulations and restrictions which govern the administration of the proctored on-line exam, please see AMP - Online Testing Candidate Handbook Information.  

Environmental Distractions
NETA makes every attempt (within reason) to provide candidates with a safe, comfortable and distraction-free testing environment.  However, last minute needs, emergencies, etc. cannot always be anticipated and may be beyond NETA’s control.
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Stand-by registration is available for the Pencil to Paper version of the NETA Certification Exam only.  If you were unable to register for the NETA Certification Exam by the registration deadline, you may choose to attend the examination as a stand-by candidate.  Admission is not guaranteed – stand-by candidates can only be registered and admitted as the availability of space, resources and materials will permit.  The fee for a stand-by registration is $180 and must be paid by cashier’s check or money order, made payable to NETA, Inc.  (Personal checks, cash and credit cards will not be accepted at the test site).
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For Pencil to Paper Exams ONLY: A candidate may reschedule an examination date at no charge one time only by calling NETA at (310) 827-8827 at least two business days prior to the scheduled test date.  Your rescheduled testing date must still fall within your 6 month eligibility period.

For Online Exams ONLY: A candidate may reschedule an examination appointment at no charge one time only by calling AMP at (888) 519-9901 at least two business days prior to the scheduled testing session.  Your rescheduled testing date must still fall within your 6 month eligibility period.
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A candidate will forfeit the application and all fees paid to take the examination under the following circumstances.  A newly completed application and examination fee are required to reapply for the examination.

The candidate wishes to reschedule an examination but fails to contact AMP or NETA at least two business days prior to           the scheduled examination session.

The candidate wishes to reschedule a second time.

The candidate arrives to the test site later than the required time.

The candidate fails to report for an examination appointment.

The candidate fails to present the required documents (proper ID) on the day of the examination.

The candidate does not schedule and take their examination within the 6 month eligibility period.

The candidate has already received a one-time extension and does not schedule their examination within the 6 month eligibility period.
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Once becoming eligible to take the NETA Exam: A candidate who has never scheduled an exam test date either with NETA or AMP and is within their 6 month eligibility period may request a 50% refund of their exam fee upon request in lieu of scheduling.  There is a 50% non-refundable portion of the exam fee.  Apply for a refund by submitting a written request to NETA at 13428 Maxella Ave. #436, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292.  The written refund request must be post marked before your 6 month eligibility period expires.
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Re-testing Fee:                                                                                $90
If you do not pass the NETA Certification Exam and wish to try again, you are eligible for the Retake exam fee for a period of one year from the time you first took the exam.  After this one-year period, you must submit the first-time candidate exam form and fee.
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Scheduling an Examination
You may schedule an examination appointment by one of the following methods.  Be prepared to confirm a date and location for testing and to provide your Social Security number as your unique identification number.

1. Schedule Online:  The candidate may schedule an examination appointment online at any time by using our Online Scheduling service at  To use this service on our website, follow these easy steps:
Go to and select “Candidates.”
Follow the simple, step-by-step instructions to choose your examination program and schedule the examination.

2. Telephone Scheduling:  Call AMP at (888)519-9901 to schedule an examination appointment.  This toll-free number is answered from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Central Time) Monday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Friday and 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. 

If special accommodations are being requested, please submit the Request for Special Examination Accommodations form prior to contacting AMP at (888)519-9901 to schedule your examination.
The examinations are administered by appointment only Monday through Saturday at 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.  Individuals are scheduled on a first-come first-served basis.  Refer to the chart below.

If you contact AMP by 3:00 p.m. Central Time on...

Depending on availability, your examination may be scheduled as early as…











When the appointment is made, the applicant will be given a time to report to the Assessment Center.  Please make a note of it since an admission letter will not be sent.  The applicant will only be allowed to take the examination for which the appointment has been made.  No changes in examination type will be made at the Assessment Center.  UNSCHEDULED CANDIDATES (WALK-INS) WILL NOT BE ADMITTED to the Assessment Center.

Assessment Center Locations
Examinations are administered by computer at over 165 AMP Assessment Centers geographically distributed throughout the United States.  Assessment Centers are typically located in H&R Block offices.  Assessment Center locations, detailed maps and directions are available on AMP’s website,  Specific address information will be provided when a candidate schedules an examination appointment.  

The examinations are not offered on the following holidays:
New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Day
President’s Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Independence Day (July 4)
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veteran’s Day
Thanksgiving Day (and the following Friday)
Christmas Eve Day
Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve Day

Special Arrangements for Candidates With Disabilities
AMP complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and strives to ensure that no individual with a disability is deprived of the opportunity to take the examination solely by reason of that disability.  AMP will provide reasonable special accommodations for candidates with disabilities.  Candidates requesting special accommodations must call AMP at (888)519-9901 to schedule their examination. 
1. Wheelchair access is available at all established Assessment Centers.  Candidates must advise AMP at the time of scheduling that wheelchair access is necessary.

2. Candidates with visual, sensory or physical disabilities that would prevent them from taking the examination under standard conditions may request special accommodations and arrangements.

Verification of the disability and a statement of the specific type of assistance needed must be made in writing to AMP           at least 45 calendar days prior to your desired examination date.  Please inform AMP of your need for special                     accommodations when scheduling your examination time.

Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf
AMP is equipped with Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf (TDD) to assist deaf and hearing-impaired candidates.  TDD calling is available 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central Time) Monday – Friday at (913)895-4637.  This TDD phone option is for individuals equipped with compatible TDD machinery.

Examination Appointment Changes/Failure to Report or to Schedule an Examination
1. A candidate may reschedule an appointment for an examination at no charge once by calling AMP at  (888)519-9901 at least two business days prior to the scheduled testing session.  (See table below.)

If the Examination is scheduled on...
AMP must be contacted by 3:00 p.m. Central Time to reschedule the Examination by the previous...











2. A candidate who wishes to reschedule his/her examination appointment, but fails to contact AMP at least two business days prior to the scheduled testing session will forfeit the examination fee.

Inclement Weather, Power Failure or Emergency
In the event of inclement weather or unforeseen emergencies on the day of an examination, AMP will determine whether circumstances warrant the cancellation, and subsequent rescheduling, of an examination.  The examination will usually not be rescheduled if the Assessment Center personnel are able to open the Assessment Center.  If power to an Assessment Center is temporarily interrupted during an administration, your examination will restart where you left off and you may continue the examination.

Candidates may contact AMP’s Weather Hotline at 800-380-5416 (24 hours/day) prior to the examination to determine if AMP has been advised that any Assessment Centers are closed.  Every attempt is made to administer the examination as scheduled; however, should an examination be canceled at an Assessment Center, all scheduled candidates will receive notification following the examination regarding rescheduling or reapplication procedures.

On the Day of Your Examination
On the day of your examination appointment, report to the Assessment Center no later than your scheduled testing time.  Once you enter the H&R Block office, look for the signs indicating AMP Assessment Center check-in.  A CANDIDATE WHO ARRIVES MORE THAN 15 MINUTES AFTER THE SCHEDULED TESTING TIME WILL NOT BE ADMITTED.

To gain admission to the Assessment Center, a candidate needs to present two forms of identification, one with a current photograph.  Both forms of identification must be current and include the candidate’s current name and signature.  The candidate will also be required to sign a roster for verification of identity.
Acceptable forms of identification include a current:

1.      Driver’s license with photograph
2.      State identification card with photograph
3.      Passport
4.      Military identification card with photograph
5.      Social security card (secondary form)

Employment ID cards, student ID cards and any type of temporary identification are NOT acceptable as primary identification, but may be used as a secondary identification.  Candidates are prohibited from misrepresenting their identities or falsifying information to obtain admission to the assessment center.

NETA and AMP maintain examination administration and security standards that are designed to assure that all candidates are provided the same opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.  The Assessment Center is continuously monitored by audio and video surveillance equipment for security purposes.
The following security procedures apply during the examination:

Examinations are proprietary.  No cameras, notes, tape recorders, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), calculators, pagers or cellular phones are allowed in the testing room

No guests, visitors or family members are allowed in the testing room or reception areas.

No personal items, valuables or weapons are allowed in the Assessment Center.  Only keys and wallets may be taken into the testing room and AMP is not responsible for items left in the reception area.

Examination Restrictions
No personal belongings will be allowed in the Assessment Center.  Pencils will be provided during check-in.  Use of a cellular phone or other electronic devices is strictly prohibited and will result in dismissal from examination.

You will be provided with scratch paper to use during the examination.  You must sign and return the scratch paper to           the supervisor at the completion of testing, or you will not receive a score report.  No documents or notes of any kind may be removed from the examination room.  If you need a second piece of scratch paper, you need to ask the test proctor for another piece of paper and turn in the one you used before.

No questions concerning the content of the examination may be asked during the examination.

Eating, drinking or smoking will not be permitted in the Assessment Center.
You may take a break whenever you wish, but you will not be allowed additional time to make up for time lost during breaks.

Individuals who engage in any of the following conduct may be dismissed from the examination, their scores will not be reported and examination fees will not be refunded.  Examples of misconduct are when a candidate:

·         Creates a disturbance, is abusive, or otherwise uncooperative;
·         Displays and/or uses electronic communications equipment such as pagers, cellular phones, PDAs;
·         Gives or receives help or is suspected of doing so;
·         Attempts to record examination questions or make notes;
·         Attempts to take the examination for someone else; or
·         Is observed with notes, books or other aids.

Copyrighted Examination Questions
All examination questions are the copyrighted property of NETA.  It is forbidden under federal copyright law to copy, reproduce, record, distribute or display these examination questions by any means, in whole or in part.  Doing so may subject you to severe civil and criminal penalties.

Practice Examination
After your identification has been confirmed, you will be directed to a testing carrel.  You will be instructed on-screen to enter your Social Security or identification number.  You will take your photograph which will remain on screen throughout your examination session.  The photograph will also print on your score report.

Prior to attempting the examination, you will be given the opportunity to practice taking an examination on the computer.  The time you use for this practice examination is NOT counted as part of your examination time or score.  When you are comfortable with the computer testing process, you may quit the practice session and begin the timed examination.

Timed Examination
Following the practice examination, you will begin the timed examination.  Before beginning, instructions for taking the examination are provided on-screen.

The computer monitors the time you spend on the examination.  The examination will terminate if you exceed the time allowed.  You may click on the “Time” box in the lower right-hand corner of the screen or select the Time key to monitor your time.  A digital clock indicates the time remaining for you to complete the examination.  The Time feature may be turned off during the examination.

Only one examination question is presented at a time.  The question number appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen.  Choices of answers to the examination question are identified as A, B, C, D or E.  You must indicate your choice by either typing in the letter in the response box in the lower left hand of the computer screen or clicking the option using the mouse.  To change your answer, enter a different option by pressing the A, B, C, D or E key or by clicking on the option using the mouse.  You may change your answer as many times as you wish during the examination time limit.

To move to the next question, click on the forward arrow (>) in the lower right portion of the screen or select the NEXT key.  This action will move you forward through the examination question by question.  If you wish to review any question or questions, click the backward arrow (<) or use the left arrow key to move backward through the examination.

An examination question may be left unanswered for return later in the examination session.  Questions may also be bookmarked for later review by clicking in the blank square to the right of the Time button.  Click on the hand icon or select the NEXT key to advance to the next unanswered or bookmarked question on the examination.  To identify all unanswered and bookmarked questions, repeatedly click on the hand icon or press the NEXT key.  When the examination is completed, the number of examination questions answered is reported.  If not all questions have been answered and there is time remaining, return to the examination and answer those questions.  Be sure to provide an answer for each examination question before ending the examination.  There is no penalty for guessing.

Candidate Comments
During the examination, online comments may be provided for any question by clicking on the button displaying an exclamation point (!) to the left of the Time button.  This opens a dialogue box where comments may be entered.  Comments will be reviewed, but individual responses will not be provided.

Following the Examination
After completing the examination, candidates are asked to complete a short evaluation of their examination experience.  Then, candidates are instructed to report to the examination proctor to receive their examination  score report.  Scores are not reported over the telephone, by electronic mail, or by facsimile.

Scores Cancelled by NETA or AMP
NETA and AMP are responsible for the validity and integrity of the scores they report.  On occasion, occurrences such as computer malfunction or misconduct by a candidate, may cause a score to be suspect.  NETA and AMP reserve the right to void or withhold examination results if, upon investigation, violation of its regulations is discovered.

Information about candidates for testing and their examination results are considered confidential.  Studies and reports concerning candidates will contain no information identifiable with any candidate, unless authorized by the candidate.

Duplicate Score Report
Candidates may purchase additional copies of their results at a cost of $25 per copy.  Requests must be submitted to NETA, in writing.  The request must include the candidate’s name, Social Security number, mailing address, telephone number, date of examination and examination taken.  Submit this information with the required fee payable to NETA in the form of a check, money order or cashier’s check.  Duplicate score reports will be mailed approximately two weeks after receipt of the request and fee.
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If you have a special testing need, we will try our best to accommodate you.  Requests for special accommodations must be postmarked and submitted to NETA by the regular registration deadline.  NETA reserves the right to determine the reasonableness of the accommodation requested as well as the feasibility of the accommodation requested.
Special arrangements (at no additional charge) can be made if you have a visual, sensory, physical or other disability or other medical condition that prevents you from taking the NETA Certification Exam under standard conditions.  According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), documentation of the disability must be made by a professional qualified to diagnose the disability.  Written requests and completed registration information from disabled candidates must include a description of the accommodation.
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  • Confidentiality.  No information submitted to NETA will be released to a third party without authorization from the candidate.
  • Disclosure.  To maintain the integrity and security of the NETA Certification Exam, exam questions, test sheets, test sheet answers or other source materials will not be released to candidates under any circumstances.
  • Fair and Equal Treatment of NETA Candidates.  NETA does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of gender, age, ethnic background, national origin or physical disability.
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The NETA Certification Exam is what is known as a criterion based exam.  Criterion based examinations have only one score that counts:  did the candidate meet the criteria (pass) or not (fail)?  A candidate taking a criterion based examination is trying to demonstrate that they have enough knowledge that they can safely and effectively perform the job.  The criterion based exam is not designed to rank people.  Instead, it is designed to identify those who have met the predefined criteria.  In contrast, there are norm referenced tests, which measure a candidate’s achievement. A test taker’s knowledge is being measured and compared against other test takers.  The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a classic example of a norm referenced exam.
The following is a general outline of the exam development process employed by NETA.  This is to ensure that NETA-certified enrichment teachers meet minimum standards of knowledge as well as possess the skills necessary to provide safe and effective instruction in the enrichment classroom setting.

1. Practice Analysis:  The development of valid exams begins with a clear and concise definition of the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for competent job performance.  NETA employs a focus group in the initial stages of exam construction.  A group of enrichment industry experts analyzes the specific job requirements in order to develop an outline of the tasks, knowledge and skills required to perform the job effectively.  This study is then forwarded to a second group of enrichment industry experts for a validation survey.

2. Validation Survey:  A representative cross-section of enrichment industry experts is surveyed to determine the validity of the practice analysis.  These experts include school administrators, enrichment teachers with a minimum of four years of work experience in the industry, school principals, school district officials, university professors, parent groups, parks and recreation departments, providers of enrichment programs and enrichment company owners.  These experts then lend their input to help further define the performance domains as well as submit ideas for questions for inclusion in the exam.

3. Item Writing and Exam Construction:  A panel of enrichment industry experts develops exam questions which are derived from the practice analysis study.  The questions are subjected to editing for grammar, technical adequacy and efficacy in assessing a candidate’s knowledge on the subject matter.  The questions are then reviewed and selected for inclusion in the exam.

4. Cut Score Determination:  The passing score is determined as a standard for public protection and is derived by using amodified Angoff Method.  Each question is rated by a group of industry experts using criterion-referenced procedures. The experts estimate the percentage of minimally competent professionals that will answer each question correctly. The passing score is then calculated and based on the overall degree of difficulty.

5. Continual Exam Evaluation:  Before an exam is administered, it is subjected to a battery of pre-testing to ensure content validity, weighting, and minimize potential sources of error and bias.  Following an exam administration, there is continual evaluation and analysis of each question to help ensure validity.  If a question is determined to be flawed, it is reworked or replaced.
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The NETA Certification Exam is a three-part examination, consisting of 100 questions per part (300 questions total). In each part of the exam, there are suites of thematically similar questions used to determine a candidate’s knowledge of job/performance domains common to enrichment teaching. The following is a condensed list of the themes that provide the basis for questions posed to candidates in the NETA Certification Exam.

SECTION A – 100 questions, 3 points each
• Legal liabilities, professional protocol and procedures
• Creating a safe environment and proper use of equipment
• Classroom management
• Transferring custody of children
• Supervision of children
• Reporting child abuse
• Food, medications and injuries
• Understanding corporal punishment

SECTION B – 100 questions, 3 points each
• Ethics and fair business practices
• Legal rights of children and parents
• Professional on-site conduct and procedures
• Student management techniques and appropriate discipline
• Student safety and confidentiality
• Special needs students and aides

SECTION C – 100 questions, 2 points each
• Criminal background checks
• Building classes
• Jobs acquisition and employment status
• Interviewing techniques, materials and attire
• Enrichment venues
• Enrichment as an industry
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Exam Scores.  When taking the NETA Certification Exam, you will not be penalized for guessing and are encouraged to answer all questions to the best of your ability.  Exam scores are confidential and they will not be given out over the phone, fax or email.  You can expect to receive your exam score in the mail approximately four to six weeks after taking your exam. 

Minimum Passing Scores.  The minimum passing score for the NETA Certification Exam is 690 (out of 800).

Pencil to Paper Exam Re-scoring.  If you do not pass the exam, and you feel there was an error in scoring, you have the option of requesting that your answer sheet be re-scored.  Your request to have your exam re-scored must be submitted in writing to NETA no later than 30 days after you receive your exam scores in the mail and must be accompanied by a $30 re-scoring fee made payable to NETA.

Only candidates who achieve the minimum passing score of 690 will be awarded certification.  If you pass the exam, you will receive a NETA certification certificate and a wallet card approximately four to six weeks after receiving your exam results.
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Recertification is an integral part of any certification program.  The decision to maintain one’s certification is equally as important as the decision to become certified in the first place.  The enrichment industry is constantly evolving, with changes in laws, techniques, innovations, school policies, etc.  NETA’s current recertification policy was developed using input from the practice analysis report and NETA’s Governing Committee which determined that two years was an appropriate cycle for recertification practices, where certificants are required to take and document 2.0 continuing education credits as defined within our requirements.  The rationale for the recertification interval is three-fold:

1. The enrichment industry is constantly evolving and necessitates a recertification interval to account for this fact.  Due to the relative newness of the profession and rate at which new practices, laws, techniques and innovations are identified and implemented within the profession, the period of time for recertification must reflect a duration that will provide for adequate updates in knowledge. 

2. The term had to be long enough to allow NETA-certified enrichment teachers to earn the appropriate credits but short enough to keep the certified population motivated to engage in education and training.

3. The determination was also based on the need to initiate a step toward best practice which would require routine continuing education participation in attempts to help NETA-certified enrichment teachers avoid long periods of Seducation inactivity and reduce certification attrition rates.

Your NETA certification is valid for two years from the date of your successfully passing the NETA Certification Exam.  To        maintain and renew your certification, you must first attend and complete two NETA-certified Continuing Education Courses (2 units) within the two years your certification is valid before completing your renewal form and submitting the applicable fees.  Call us or click here to download the Certification Renewal Form.   Fill out the renewal form and remit the applicable fees to NETA.  Once your renewal application is received and processed, please allow four to six week for your new certificate to arrive.
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You may only identify yourself as a NETA-certified enrichment teacher during the two years that your certificate is valid. If you do not renew your certification by earning the necessary continuing education credits and paying the appropriate renewal fees, or by retaking and passing the NETA Certification Exam, you may not claim to be NETA- certified.  Fraudulently claiming to be NETA-certified would make you ineligible to renew your NETA certification or retake a NETA Certification Exam.
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NETA-certified enrichment teachers will endeavor to do the following

Fulfill their commitments or turn down a job if they know they cannot complete a teaching assignment.

Create and maintain a safe environment in the classroom setting.

Provide safe and effective instruction, regardless of the venue in which they teach.

Provide children with fair and equitable treatment regardless of their age, race, creed, religion, ethnicity, economic background, mental or physical ability.

Decline or refuse any gift, bribe or other inducement which causes undue influence or affects the impartiality with which the enrichment teacher conducts the class.

Understand that NETA-certified teachers, like all adults who work with children in a professional capacity, are mandated reporters of suspected child abuse and will alert a supervisor and/or law enforcement agency if they suspect a child in their care has been, is being or is in imminent danger of being abused and will do so according to the timeline as is dictated by their state and local laws. 

Maintain and safeguard the confidential information of the children in their classes.

Refrain from discussing the conduct, behavior or progress of a child with others, except for their supervisor or that child’s parents.

To not defraud employers by accepting tuition directly from a child or their parents and then withholding information about the transaction and the child’s participation in the class.

Maintain and safeguard the integrity of an employer’s business by not divulging confidential information, inner workings or trade secrets to a competing individual, business, agency, organization or entity.

Diligently perform and uphold any and all of the procedures on conduct, liabilities and regulations outlined in the NETA manual, in addition to any procedures prescribed by an individual, agency, organization or entity which provides the enrichment teacher with employment.
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The purpose of NETA’s code of Professional Conduct and Disciplinary Action is to provide NETA-certified enrichment teachers, prospective candidates and the general public of application and certification standards relative to professional conduct and disciplinary action.  

Waiver and Release
The individual releases, discharges and exonerates NETA, its officers, directors, employees, committee members, agents and any person furnishing documents, records and other information relating to the individual’s eligibility, certification or recertification from any and all liability of any nature and kind, arising out of the furnishing or inspection of such documents, records or other information, and any investigation, evaluation and communication regarding the individual’s eligibility, certification or recertification made by NETA.
NETA reserves the right to revoke certification status or reject the application of an individual in the case of

Ineligibility for certification.

Failure to meet the requirements for certification or recertification.

Irregularity in connection with the NETA Certification Examination.

Material misrepresentation or fraud in any statement to NETA or the public, including but not limited to statements made to assist the applicant or candidate apply for, obtain or retain certification.

Unauthorized possession, use, access, or distribution of certification score reports, trademarks, logos, written materials, answer sheets, certificates, applicant files or other confidential or proprietary NETA documents or materials.

Any physical, mental or emotional condition of either temporary or permanent nature, including, but not limited to, substance abuse, which impairs or has the potential to impair competent and objective professional performance.

Negligent and/or intentional misconduct in professional work, including, but not limited to, physical or emotional abuse, disregard for safety, or unauthorized release of confidential information.

The timely conviction, plea of guilty or plea of no contest in connection with a felony or misdemeanor which is directly related to public health, instruction, or education which impairs competent and objective professional performance.  These include, but are not limited to, rape, sexual abuse, child endangerment, the actual or threatened use of a weapon of violence, and the prohibited sale, distribution or possession of a controlled substance.
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Professional practice and disciplinary procedures of the National Enrichment Teachers Association are intended to assist and inform NETA-certified enrichment teachers and candidates of the NETA code of ethics relative to professional conduct and disciplinary procedures.

It is expected that candidates for certification and all certified members be familiar with the NETA code of ethics as provided in the NETA certification guide.

Disciplinary Process
NETA has appointed an ethics review committee comprised of members from the certified population to consider alleged violations of any of the code of ethics or complaints received from consumers.

NETA’s Ethics Committee is composed of three certified members whose terms shall run for one year.  A member may not serve in any situation in which his/her impartiality or the presence of an actual or apparent conflict of interest might reasonably be questioned.  A quorum consists of three members and committee action shall be determined by a majority vote. The committee shall determine the rules for its meeting and actions.

Review Process
Whenever NETA receives allegations of a violation of a code of ethics rule or rules, or a violation of a code of professional conduct rule or rules, such allegations shall be forwarded to the Ethics Committee.  If the committee determines that no good cause exists to question a candidate’s eligibility or a certified member’s compliance with the code of ethics, no adverse action shall be taken.  If the committee determines by a majority vote that good cause does exist, it shall notify the applicant or the certified member of the alleged violation and rule allegedly violated and shall also include a recitation of rights and procedures.
The applicant or certificant shall have the right to an oral hearing if he/she disputes the truthfulness or accuracy of the allegation and the individual will be notified that he/she must bear his/her own expenses in connection with any such hearing.  Individuals must notify the Ethics Committee within 15 days of receipt of the notification if they wish to dispute the allegations, request an oral hearing or comment regarding appropriate sanctions.  Sanctions may be imposed by the Ethics Committee if the allegations are determined to be true and a violation of the code of ethics.  If the applicant or certificant fails to respond, the allegations will be taken as true by the committee.  The applicant or certificant will be deemed to consent to the imposition of sanctions by the ethics committee if he/she does not dispute the allegations.

If an applicant or certificant disputes the allegations or requests a hearing, the Ethics Committee shall schedule a hearing.  The Ethics Committee, the applicant or certificant may make opening and closing statements, present documents and/or written briefs if so desired.  The Ethics Committee shall determine and apply evidentiary rules.  Relevant evidence may be submitted.  Disputed questions shall be determined by majority vote of the committee.

Sanctions for violating the code of ethics or application rules may include, but shall not be limited to, one or more of the following:

Denial or suspension of eligibility

Revocation of certification




Training or other corrective action


Conditions relating to the above

The applicant or certificant may appeal to NETA’s Governing Committee a final decision by the Ethics Committee.  An appeal must be filed within 30 days of the applicant’s or certificants’ receipt of the Ethics Committee’s decision.  The Ethics Committee may file a written response to the appeals statement of the applicant or certificant.  The Governing Committee shall render a decision on the record without oral hearing although written briefings may be submitted.  The decision of the Governing Committee shall be final.

The decision of the Ethics Committee shall be rendered in writing.  The decision shall contain factual findings, conclusions and any sanctions applied.  The decision shall be transmitted to the applicant or certificant by certified mail.

Emergency Procedures
Whenever the Ethics Committee determines that there is cause to believe that a threat of imminent or irreparable injury to the health of the public exists, the Ethics Committee shall forward the allegation to the Governing Committee.  The Governing Committee shall hear the matter by immediate telephone or other expedited notice and hearing procedure.  If the panel (comprised of both committees) deems that a threat of immediate and irreparable injury to the public exists, certification may be suspended for up to 60 days pending full hearing under the procedures described above.

Waiver and Release
The individual releases, discharges and exonerates NETA, its officers, directors, employees, committee members, agents and any person furnishing documents, records and other information relating to the individual’s eligibility, certification or recertification from any and all liability of any nature and kind, arising out of the furnishing or inspection of such documents, records or other information, and any investigation, evaluation and communication regarding the individual’s eligibility, certification or recertification made by NETA.
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