What does having a NETA certification do for me?
For anyone trying to start a career in teaching, working with children on a full-time or part-time basis, or in the process of obtaining a teaching credential, getting your NETA certification will help you build your resume.  To employers, having this certification on your resume gives you credibility, legitimacy and a seriousness of purpose.  It can also help you obtain practical work experience with children in addition to the theoretical studies you would get in the classroom.
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Do I need an academic degree to be a NETA-certified enrichment teacher?
No.  Having an academic degree is not necessary in order to become a NETA-certified enrichment teacher.  For employment purposes, however, you must be able to document or demonstrate proficiency in the subject you wish to teach.
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Do I need a teaching credential to be an enrichment teacher?
No.  Enrichment classes consist primarily of elective courses for children held at school campuses or other outside venues.  Typically, children enrolled in enrichment classes are not given grades or rated on their progress thereby impacting their GPA.  Because these classes are electives and not a part of conventional academic curriculums, the instructors are not required to have a teaching credential. 
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Are there any legal parameters which would disqualify me from being an enrichment teacher?
Yes.  All employers require their enrichment teachers to submit to a criminal background check and/or fingerprinting as condition of employment.  If you have a criminal record, (specifically drug offenses, violent crimes, child abuse, child endangerment, child pornography, lewd conduct, etc.) you will be ineligible to work with children.  Also, depending on the employer, other offenses and infractions on your criminal record may prevent you from obtaining employment.
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I teach a subject not listed on the “Popular Enrichment Classes” page.  How would I find out if what I teach is a topic of interest in the enrichment community?
If you teach a subject that is not listed as a “popular enrichment class”, it does not mean there is no market for it.  Call around to your local community centers and parks & recreation departments to see if they offer classes in the subject you teach or classes similar to it.  It’s a pretty good indication of your prospects for employment.  If there are, great!  If not, it does not necessarily mean all hope is lost.  However, you must ask yourself some basic questions, things like:

  • Can the class curriculum for the subject I teach be designed and executed in a cost-effective manner?
  • Can the class be taught safely? 
  • Is there popular demand in my community for the subject I teach? 

If the answers to all of question above are “yes”, then chances are it can be offered as an enrichment class and you can proceed from there.
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Is enrichment limited only to after-school hours?
No.  One of myths that NETA tries to dispel is that enrichment is limited to the one or two hours after school.  Although many enrichment classes are held after school hours on school campuses, there are additional venues which offer enrichment style classes throughout the day, evenings and on weekends as well.  More information on class hours, venues, building a teaching schedule and self-marketing can be found in The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion.  Click here to order the textbook online.
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What is the typical pay rate an enrichment teacher can expect?
The answer to this question is contingent upon several factors: the number of hours you work at one time, the type of facility, the subject being taught, etc.  Taking all of these factors into consideration, enrichment teachers can expect to make anywhere from $10 to $40 per hour.
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Is certification mandatory for enrichment teachers?
Because of the ever growing popularity and necessity for enrichment classes, more and more enrichment providers, parent groups and employers are insisting upon the training and certification of enrichment teachers.  Government at the local, state and federal levels have all jumped on the “enrichment bandwagon” in recent years.  In 2002, California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 49, an after school program funding initiative spearheaded by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.  On the national front, both political parties have expounded on the need for more after school programming and currently after school funding legislation is working its way through Congress.  Historically, professionals working in industries that receive government funding are subjected to uniform standards, regulations and practices and the enrichment industry is no exception.  To an enrichment teacher, that means training and certification.  The National Enrichment Teachers Association has taken the initiative to introduce and implement self-regulation in the enrichment industry as a means to reduce risk and build public reputation and trust.  The adoption of industry-wide standards coupled with certification has proven to be a viable, reasonable and effective alternative to government intervention for many public-service industries and is a must for our industry if enrichment is to continue to thrive in today’s educational landscape. 
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Am I required to purchase study materials and/or participate in NETA's prep courses to be eligible to take the NETA Certification Exam?
No.  Providing a candidate meets the eligibility requirements, the candidate may simply sign up for and take the NETA Certification Exam at their convenience.  All NETA study materials and prep courses are made available to candidates wishing to further their understanding and knowledge of the enrichment industry before examination.
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I have a limited amount of time and money.  What is the most inexpensive and simple way of prepping for and taking the NETA Certification Exam?
Although every candidate may simply choose to pay for and take the exam, the most cost effective method of preparation is to order the NETA teacher textbook, “The Enrichment Teachers Companion”.  Most enrichment teachers recover the combined cost of the exam and textbook within their first week or two of work.  If you appreciate a hands-on approach, the opportunity to ask questions and really delve into this subject in a classroom setting before taking the NETA Certification Exam, our Instructor Competency Education courses are a great choice.   
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What is the next step to obtaining my NETA certification?
Nothing beats the personal touch.  Feel free to call us to get more information.  We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and send you a brochure or application.  You can contact us at (310) 827 -8827 or email us at
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