Setting Standards

The impetus for NETA to develop the Standards for Certification of Enrichment Teachers and Program Providers was based on NETA’s mission to continue to foster the culture of enrichment and to elevate the industry as a whole, as well as the need to further secure the public safety and trust, and to establish a forum in which the enrichment industry is provided the means to regulate itself.

NETA has taken the initiative to introduce and implement self-regulation in the enrichment industry as a means to reduce risk and build public reputation and trust.
To that end, NETA developed the Standards for Certification of Enrichment Teachers and Program Providers that address the question, “What constitutes best practice in enrichment?”

Standard Domains for Program Providers’ Best Practice:
  • Purpose and organization
  • Risk assessment and insurance
  • Financial governance and taxes
  • Non-discriminatory hiring practices
  • Utilization of certified enrichment teachers
  • Certification & training of teaching staff
  • Curriculum and teacher performance analysis
  • Fair and ethical business practices
  • Conducting criminal background checks

Standard Domains for Enrichment Teachers’ Best Practice:

  • Legal liabilities, professional protocol and procedures
  • Creating a safe environment and proper use of equipment
  • Classroom management
  • Transferring custody of children
  • Supervision of children
  • Reporting suspected child abuse
  • Handling Food allergies, medications and injuries
  • Understanding corporal punishment
  • Ethics and fair business practices
  • Legal rights of children and parents
  • Professional on-site conduct and procedures
  • Proper on-site attire
  • Student management techniques and appropriate discipline
  • Student safety and confidentiality
  • Special needs students and aides