The National Enrichment Teachers Association’s mission to protect the safety and welfare of children and to elevate the profession as a whole in concert with those of like-minded organizations and individuals has helped to raise the public’s estimation of the enrichment industry.

Due to the ever growing demand and need for after school programs – there has been an explosion in the number of enrichment program providers working throughout the nation.
As such, competition between providers has greatly increased.  Parents demand quality assurance and accountability of the enrichment programs available to their children.

NETA can help deliver this assurance through our Enrichment Program Provider Certification, Enrichment Teacher Certification, and our consulting and training services.  NETA can also aide you by being your advocate, bringing recognition to your work in the industry by providing a vehicle with which to nominate your certified enrichment teachers for “Enrichment Teacher of the Year” as well as nominating your company for “Program Provider of the Year”.


Schools and Facilities
Look For...

Enhanced educational opportunities for their student body.

The recognition for bringing quality programs to campus while maximizing public trust and minimizing risk. 

Certified enrichment providers to elevate the stature of their programs and raises the standard of safety for the children.

Proof of best business practice, including certification standards for all teachers that providers place with their children.


How can NETA help you?


  • By being a NETA Certified Program Provider you exhibit your pledge to serve the needs of the public in a safe and responsible manner, thereby distinguishing your program’s excellence.
  • Through our consultation, training and seminars we can assist you with troubleshooting or streamlining your program.

    The designation of “NETA Certified” on your website, literature and company sales materials.
  • NETA provides a population of certified enrichment teachers for you to draw from.

    NETA can certify your existing teaching staff.

    NETA is your advocate in the enrichment industry.