As a leading proponent of the culture of enrichment, the National Enrichment Teachers Association has emerged as an advocate for the industry.  NETA was founded with the sole purpose of protecting the welfare and safety of school-aged children by establishing a uniform set of standards and practices predicated on safety, ethics and professionalism through means of certification, training, consulting and legislation.

As your advocate in enrichment, NETA can bring recognition to your efforts by providing a vehicle with which to nominate your certified enrichment teachers for “Enrichment Teacher of the Year” as well as nominating your programs for “Program Provider of the Year”.   Additionally, in the event that an enrichment teacher or program provider is conducting business in an unethical or unprofessional manner, supporters of enrichment now have someone to turn to.  NETA’s certification addresses this issue by removing their anonymity and increasing the quality and resolve of an individual or organization thereby creating a system of checks and balances for all involved.  

Your Programs
No matter how you are affiliated with enrichment programs, either through a school or school district, parent teacher organization, booster club, a municipal agency, parks and recreation department, community service center, day care center, summer camp or any other organization that is affiliated with programming for children, we at NETA understand there are three major concerns that are always at the forefront:

  1. Is my program beneficial to the growth and development of the children it serves?
  2. Is my program staffed with responsible, trained instructors who not only know how to educate but also can keep the children safe?
  3. Does my program run smoothly and efficiently for all involved, from administration and organization to advertising and participation?

The founders of NETA are working proactively to protect and elevate the enrichment industry as a whole.  With over 30 years experience working in almost every capacity the field has to offer, the founders of NETA understand how to navigate the many issues enrichment programs commonly face.

Classroom Space
Building Classes
Picking Program Providers
Program Quality

Community Support
Staffing and Training
Class Variety

Whether you are looking to start a program, streamline an existing program or even turn an enrichment program into a school fundraiser, NETA is here to help. Use our vast knowledge of enrichment programming to your advantage.