There are many types of certifications in existence today.  The common denominator amongst them is that they represent a significant milestone in a company’s tenure in a given industry and is a strong indicator of a company’s ability to get the job done.  Attaining certification is a serious endeavor and one that is not without merit.  Here is what attaining your Program Providers Certification will mean to you:

Certification means high quality standards
NETA’s Standards for the Certification of Enrichment Providers creates a forum in which the needs of both the program provider and the public are served.  The standards clarify and capture the essence of what fundamentally sound enrichment and after school programming is and serves as a reference point from which a company or program operates.  When you demonstrate compliance with the standards for Enrichment Program Providers Certification, you affirm to the public your company’s adherence to policies and procedures which have been accepted in the industry as best practice.  Certification also means your clients and customers will have the confidence of knowing your program is up-to-date with the most current practices and developments within the industry. 

Certification sets you apart
A certification is a mark of excellence.  Furthermore, a certification gives the public the means with which to identify organizations that achieve and maintain this standard of excellence.  Compliance with the standards demonstrates your company’s commitment to service and your seriousness of purpose.  There are a myriad of after school organizations available to the public; a NETA Program Providers Certification is indicative that your company/program is “a cut above” the rest and gives you an edge in what is a very competitive field. 

Certification creates trust
Certification means your company has adopted a standard of doing business which has been proven effective in the industry.  Anyone you serve – schools, students, families – know by virtue of your certification that your program is held to the highest of standards and that they are placing themselves in capable hands.  To be “The most trusted name” in any field of endeavor is a moniker which is coveted by many but attained by only few.  The adoption of and compliance to the Standards for the Certification of Enrichment Providers is the foundation on which the trust between you and the public is built.

Certification helps secure the safety of the public
NETA Certified Program Providers serve the safety of the public by demonstrating their curriculum and course offerings have been subjected to scrutiny and thoroughly researched before being applied and that they are staffed with certified enrichment teachers who have demonstrated their mastery of the skills, tasks and knowledge which are critical to operating safe, effective classes and who have cleared a criminal background check.     

Certification protects you
Certification protects you, your teachers and the public.  Attaining certification means you have demonstrated your understanding of the duties, responsibilities and legal liabilities inherent to operating an enrichment company/program.  Adherence to the Standards for the Certification of Enrichment Providers signifies to the public your commitment to doing business within a set of parameters which are designed to facilitate best practice and reduce the exposure to risk for you and the public.

Standard Domains for Best Practice in Enrichment:

  • Certification
  • Purpose and organization
  • Risk assessment and insurance
  • Financial governance and taxes
  • Non-discriminatory hiring practices
  • Utilization of certified enrichment teachers
  • Certification and training of teaching staff
  • Curriculum and teacher performance analysis
  • Fair and ethical business practices