Knowledge and Know-how…the NETA Advantage
Whether you are looking to implement, expand or streamline a program, NETA offers a wide range of comprehensive training and consulting services, all of which can be tailored to fit your needs and budget.  The founders of NETA and their team of enrichment professionals are experts in the industry and understand the pressures and demands facing today’s enrichment providers – in fact, our team brings real classroom, managerial and administrative experience to their roles. 
Drawing on our expertise and on the proven methodologies that the NETA team has developed over the past twenty years, you and your staff can improve performance, access untapped functionality, and operate a more efficient and cost-effective enrichment program while avoiding trial and error or stop gap solutions.


  • Program Provider Certification:  NETA offers the opportunity for providers to certify their programs, thus maximizing consumer confidence in the services they provide.

  • Enrichment Teacher Certification:  Our enrichment teacher certification is available to individuals who wish become certified as well as to program providers and municipal agencies needing to certify their entire teaching staff.

  • After School Advantage:  NETA provides instruction and training for entrepreneurs who wish to start an enrichment company in their area.

  • ASA Fundraising Program:  NETA teaches PTAs and other parent organizations how to launch or transform existing enrichment classes into a fundraising tool for their school while maintaining a positive working relationship with their current program providers and enrichment teachers.

  • Consulting Services:  Through consultation, training and seminars NETA assists program providers with troubleshooting or streamlining existing programs in both the public and private sector.

  • Publications for Enrichment Teachers and Program Providers:  “The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion” is the first in a series of four “how to” books about the enrichment industry.

  • Association Membership:  NETA provides the nationwide enrichment community with access to newsletters, online social networking, discounts on NETA resources, a database of NETA certified enrichment teachers and job posting privileges.


Lectures, Training and Seminars to Suit All Your Needs

NETA’s unmatched focus on training and consultation services is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to our customers and their success in the enrichment industry.  Invest in your program’s future by consulting with NETA’s enrichment professionals.  Our training and consultation services are as diverse as your needs.   

Teaching Staff

NETA places a strong emphasis on staff development. Partnered with certification, a well-trained teaching staff is essential to having a safe and successful enrichment program.  NETA offers seminars, lectures and training workshops designed to give your teaching staff a more in-depth understanding of their obligations, liabilities and the need to be responsive to your requirements as well as giving them the skills to utilize their knowledge and talents more effectively. Some of our lecture and seminar topics include:    

Legal liabilities
Increasing enrollment and revenue
Classroom management and safety
Commitment level and ethics
Emergency procedures and supervision of children
Creating a safe classroom environment
Communicating with supervisors
Children’s legal rights, special needs, health & medications
Releasing children properly and legal ramifications
Following company policies, procedures and practices

Administrative Staff
Organization, teamwork and excellent customer service are all hallmarks of well-run enrichment programs.  There is little margin for error in the enrichment industry and thus, your administrative staff must accomplish tasks with precision and professionalism.  Your administrative team functions on a variety of levels, serving as data entry specialists, coordinators and liaisons to students, parents, teachers and schools.  NETA has a variety of training options which are designed to give your staff the information and practical skills needed to perform both every day and critical tasks.  By incorporating our techniques, your program will see a marked improvement in performance, efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Some of our training and consulting topics include:   

  • Improving staff competency and efficiency
  • Streamlining and improving information acquisition, usage and accessibility
  • Public relations and business etiquette
  • Time management, following directions and making deadlines
  • Customer service, handling complaints and damage control

Executive Administrators
Being at the helm of an enrichment program is not for the unorganized, uninspired or the faint of heart.  The immediate and long-term welfare of your program depends on your skilled leadership as well as your vision and foresight.  For the executive administrator, NETA offers a variety of services which will help you “steer the ship,” including insights and advice pertaining to:

  • Program development and expansion
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Utilizing the school calendar to maximize profit potential
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Personnel management and creating a chain of command
  • Job delineation and division of labor
  • Hiring and training staff & teachers
  • Quality control
  • Handling complaints and troubleshooting
  • Successful advertising techniques
  • Making the most of the registration period
  • Building classes and participation
  • Marketing strategies and business image

Business Analysis Service
One of the most valuable services NETA provides for its clients is a business operations analysis.  As a program owner or director, it is imperative to know what strategies are working, which are not, the revenue being generated, which expenditures are garnering a return, etc.  When things aren’t going according to plan, it helps to consult a specialist – someone whose perspective and expertise can rapidly identify the problem and prescribe an effective solution.
With our twenty-plus years of experience in the enrichment industry, the NETA team can perform an observation and assessment of your organization, concluding with a detailed report and analysis.  The report provides a thorough account of the strengths of your organization, identifies its weaknesses and gives recommendations on how to improve them.  Topics of the report include:

  • A review of your business plan and annual agenda
    Daily operations and time management
  • Adhering to business timetables and executing goals
  • Data management and analysis
  • Management leadership
  • Staff evaluation and performance assessment
  • Teacher hiring criteria and training assessment
  • Assessment of student base, course catalogue and research & development
  • Marketing, sales and public relations
  • Quality control