Re-certification is an integral part of any certification program.  The decision to maintain one’s certification is equally as important as the decision to become certified in the first place.  The enrichment industry is constantly evolving, with changes in laws, techniques, innovations, school policies, etc. 

The rationale for the annual re-certification interval is three-fold: 

1.  The enrichment industry is constantly evolving and necessitates a re-certification interval to account for this fact.  Due to the rate at which new practices, laws, techniques and innovations are identified and implemented within the profession, the period of time for re-certification must reflect a duration that will provide for adequate updates in knowledge. 

2.  The re-certification term was deemed necessary because the majority of the 17 standards within the certification include annual insurance renewals and documentation of updated policy numbers, filings, and annual performance analysis reports on teaching staff.    

3.  The need to maintain best practice within the industry requires Program Providers to annually demonstrate their ability to perform their services based on NETA’s Standards for Certification of Enrichment Providers (sound business practices, business ethics, utilization of certified teachers, curriculum and performance analysis) which are designed to facilitate best practice, safety and securing the public trust.
Enrichment program providers that continue to demonstrate compliance with the Standards maintain the right to bear the designation of being “NETA Certified” on their literature, website and press materials, thereby affirming to the public they serve the efficacy and integrity of their business practices.