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NETA is your gateway into the “after school program” industry.  Certified instructors are obtaining new employment and teaching opportunities working with children.


Enrichment programs are elective-style classes offered at schools and other venues held outside of the regular school day.  After school/enrichment programs are held before and after school, or even on weekends. They can be found at public and private schools and at a diverse array of venues such as community centers, sports and recreational clubs, studios, summer camps and more.  Because these teaching opportunities are elective based classes, a teaching credential is not required.

If you have advanced training or proficiency in a subject, activity or discipline, you can obtain work such as:

Acting Animation Arts & Crafts Band
Drawing & Painting Ceramics Choir Clay & Pottery
Dance Drama Film Making Guitar
Music Music Videos Musical Theater Orchestra
Photography Singing TV Commercials
Baseball Basketball Bicycling Cheerleading
Cross Country Diving Extreme Sports Fencing
Field Hockey Fishing Football Golf
Gymnastics Horseback Riding Ice Hockey Ice Skating
Karate Lacrosse Martial Arts Paintball
Physical Education Rollerblading Rowing & Crew Sailing
Skateboarding Snowboarding Snow Skiing Soccer
Softball Squash Surfing Swimming
Tennis Track & Field Volleyball Waterskiing
Water Polo Western Riding Windsurfing Wrestling
Archaeology Astronomy Biology Business
Chemistry College Prep Computers Creative Writing
Debate Environmental Studies ESL Foreign Language
General Academics Geology Gifted & Talented Homework Club
International Study Journalism Liberal Arts Marine Science
Math Reading Robotics Science
Chess Clowning Computer Gaming Cooking
Etiquette Farming Fashion Fitness & Exercise
Game Design Horticulture Magic Modeling
Movie Stunts Nutrition Personal Growth Secret Agent
Sewing Space Weight Loss
Canoeing Kayaking Rafting Rock Climbing
Scuba Diving Wilderness
Asperger's Asthma Autism Developmental Disabilities
Diabetes Epilepsy Hearing Impaired High Risk
Learning Disabilities Physical Disabilities Social Skills Speech Impaired
Therapeutic Visually Impaired
Adventure Clubs Babysitting Techniques College Prep Community Service
Leadership Nutrition Physical Fitness


The National Enrichment Teachers Association is your resource and advocate.  Through NETA you can receive your certification, be found by employers on a national database of instructors, find employment opportunities, understand and navigate the job market and network with other enrichment teachers to share tried and true teaching techniques.


Teaching Acting
Teaching Acting
Teaching Art
Teaching Art
Teaching Cheerleading
Teaching Cheerleading
teaching chess
Teaching Chess
teaching computers
Teaching Computers
teaching cooking
Teaching Cooking
teaching dance
Teaching Dance
teaching filmmaking
Teaching Fimmaking
teaching fitness
Teaching Fitness
teaching guitar
Teaching Guitar
teaching gymnastics
Teaching Gymnastics
teaching karate
Teaching Karate
teaching math
Teaching Math
teaching musical theatre
Teaching Musical Theatre
teaching photography
Teaching Photography
teaching science
Teaching Science
teaching singing
Teaching Singing
teaching soccer
Teaching Soccer
teaching spanish and french
Teaching Spanish & French
teaching sports
Teaching Sports
teaching swimming
Teaching Swimming
teaching tutoring
Teaching Tutoring
teaching yoga
Teaching Yoga

If you are new to enrichment teaching or looking for a way to build your resume, working with children in after school programs can be your gateway into a promising teaching career.  Instructors can obtain full time or part time teaching jobs in a number of roles and capacities on a short term or long term basis through after school programs.   But don’t let the term “after school programs” fool you.  Experienced enrichment instructors have long known that teaching jobs are not just limited to after school enrichment programs and their corresponding hours; enrichment instructors can get jobs working with children throughout the school day, evenings, weekends and summers.  Examples of these teaching jobs include tutoring privately or through a tutoring service, mentoring students, coaching sports through youth leagues, teaching classes in your field of expertise at community centers, studios, and YMCAs, or summer camp jobs working as an instructor or camp counselor.

The possibilities and teaching opportunities available to you are almost endless.  One of the primary advantages afforded enrichment teachers is the field’s versatility. If you want to embark on a long-term career in education, but are not sure where to begin, after school enrichment programs are a good start.  If you enjoy working with children, but are only available for part time teaching jobs, after school programs and summer camp counselor jobs are an ideal venue in which to offer your talents and services.  If you have achieved a high level of proficiency in an art, subject, skill or discipline, you can parlay this into a viable source of income on a full time or part time basis.  

After school enrichment programs are now part of mainstream education and subsequently, qualified after school enrichment teachers are highly in demand.  Working with children is a rewarding endeavor but is not without its responsibilities.  NETA’s certification and training programs can give you an edge in a competitive field and maximize the teaching opportunities available to you by helping you further your mastery of the skills, tasks and knowledge that are so vital to working with children safely and effectively.        

ORDER the NETA Textbook
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JOBS in Enrichment