Historically, government-enforced licensure is introduced to an industry because (A) the industry fails to provide meaningful self-regulation, and/or (B) the lack of self-regulation precipitates a significant threat to or results in injury to the public.  The National Enrichment Teachers Association has taken the initiative to introduce and implement self-regulation in the enrichment industry as a means to reduce risk and build public reputation and trust.  The adoption of industry-wide standards coupled with certification has proven to be a viable, reasonable and effective alternative to government intervention for many public-service industries and is a must for our industry if enrichment is to continue to thrive in today’s educational landscape.

To that end, NETA developed the Standards for Certification of Enrichment Providers that address the question, “What constitutes best practice for enrichment providers?”

The impetus for NETA to develop the Standards for the Certification of Enrichment Providers was based on the following:

NETA’s mission to continue to foster the culture of enrichment and elevate the industry as a whole.

The need to further secure the public safety and trust.

The need to establish a forum in which the enrichment industry is provided the means to regulate itself. 


Standard Domains for Best Practice in Enrichment:

  • Certification
  • Purpose and organization
  • Risk assessment and insurance
  • Financial governance and taxes
  • Non-discriminatory hiring practices
  • Utilization of certified enrichment teachers
  • Certification and training of teaching staff
  • Curriculum and teacher performance analysis
  • Fair and ethical business practices


Program Providers Certification Benefits, Fees and Policies

A Program Providers Certification is valid for a period of one year and can be renewed annually. 

When an application is approved, a certified enrichment provider may immediately begin marketing their company as “NETA CERTIFIED” or “Certified by the National Enrichment Teachers Association”.  Approved applicants will be provided with (i) the service marked NETA logo which may be displayed on their website, literature, press materials and other marketing tools, and (ii), a NETA certificate suitable for framing for display in their offices.  In addition, certified enrichment providers receive a NETA Program Provider’s Association Membership and will enjoy the benefits of membership which include job posting privileges, access to a database of certified enrichment teachers, newsletters and discounted rates on other NETA services.  


First Time Enrichment Providers Certification Fee         $500

Annual Certification Renewal Fee                               $300


NETA will only consider enrichment provider candidates that submit a signed and completed application, all required supporting documentation and the remittance fee.

To renew certification, enrichment providers must submit a newly signed and completed Enrichment Providers Certification Application, required supporting documentation and the annual certification renewal fee of $300.  The $300 annual certification renewal fee is applicable only if the enrichment provider renews their certification within one month of their then current certification’s expiration date.  Enrichment providers whose certification has lapsed beyond the one month period must submit a new application, required supporting documentation and the first-time certification fee of $500. 

NETA Enrichment Providers Certification fees, certification renewal fees and fees for other NETA programs, classes and services are subject to increase without notice.