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Enrichment is everywhere. Virtually every pre-school and elementary school in the country has some sort of before or after school program as well as most junior highs and even high schools. But schools aren’t the only places to look for work. Here is a brief list of venues that also offer enrichment classes and thus employment opportunities.

Park and Recreation Departments: Many community centers and municipal organizations offer classes for local residents and often hire enrichment teachers directly.

Private Studios: Dance, yoga and martial arts studios all have classes geared towards kids, and this is also the case for many specialty shops, pottery and crafts stores.  Kids programs are also found in bookstores and libraries that have reading clubs or local theaters with children’s theater programs.

Tutoring Centers: Companies and learning centers that specialize in tutoring or test preparation are always looking for instructors. This is a great place for academically based instructors to find work.

Colleges & Universities: Institutions of higher learning offer kid based programs as well as lease space to outside enrichment providers. Programs range anywhere from traditional day care to specialized kids classes within each department. Plus, there is the added bonus of listing university teaching experience on your resume.

Day Care Centers: Day care centers and preschools employ enrichment teachers to come in and teach before, during and after regular school hours.

PTA’s:  PTA’s across the nation directly hire enrichment teachers to enhance their regular school curriculum.  These opportunities include: guest artists in a specific discipline, assembly performances, during school classes, and after school clubs.

Camps: Whatever the season, day and sleep-away camps are always in need of instructors. These camps are, more often than not, seasonal which works really well for college students and artists.

Theme Party Companies: There are thousands of companies that specialize in theme parties for kids. This can be anything from leading games to dressing up as a specific characters, clown work, music, etc.




Enrichment teaching can be a career or a stepping stone into other arenas. Enrichment teaching not only offers an education to children in subjects outside their normal realm of study, it can also provide the instructor with a lucrative income and invaluable in-the-classroom experiences.

Earn College Credit: Many degree programs across the country allow students to utilize enrichment teaching and other life and work experiences to create an Independent Study course that will meet a program’s requirements. For more information, check out Getting College Credit for Enrichment Teaching

Gain teaching experience: The lack of in-the-field teaching experience is often what keeps many recently credentialed teachers from getting jobs. Enrichment teaching is a great way to enhance your resume with real life teaching experience and building relationships with local school districts in the process.

Create your own schedule: Because of the varying hours enrichment classes are offered, an enrichment teacher has the luxury of creating their own work schedule. Whether you are looking to supplement your income or build a full time teaching schedule, enrichment teachers have the flexibility to decide when and how much they are going to work. This is especially great for college students, retirees, artists, musicians or anyone who wants to be their own boss.

Community Service: Scholarship programs, community and service award programs require that applicants have verifiable community service in order to be eligible. Enrichment teaching, because it is working with kids outside the normal school realm, is often considered as community service.  Check with an advisor to confirm that enrichment teaching fulfills the program’s requirements.

Make Connections: Whether enrichment teaching is your profession of choice or not, working with kids in the varied establishments that offer enrichment puts the instructor in the position to meet school officials, parents looking for private instruction for their children, city officials and other enrichment teachers working in similar areas. As the old saying goes, it’s all about who you know.

People pursue enrichment teaching for several reasons. For some, it is a great way to supplement their income while in school or in place of a part-time job. Others look at enrichment as a way to better themselves or the community. The following is a list of the many different types of people who find themselves in the field of enrichment.

  • College Students: Because of class schedules and the amount of time spent studying, college students find the hours and pay rate a great way to work their way through college while providing an opportunity to work in their field of study.

  • Artists/Musicians/Actors/Athletes: For people who need a schedule that will accommodate auditions, gigs or time to practice their crafts, the flexibility and pay rate enrichment teaching has to offer not only fits well into their lifestyle but is often a chance to pass their knowledge on to other aspiring artists.

  • Credentialed Teachers: Many credentialed school teachers are upping their earning power through after school tutoring and after school programs offered on their school campuses.

  • Working Professionals: Enrichment classes cover a wide range of subjects which allows working professionals from all avenues of business, the arts, the medical field, sciences, etc. the opportunity to share their knowledge.

  • Retirees: After retiring from their former professions, many seniors turn to enrichment teaching not only for the income it can provide, but also the satisfaction of giving back to the community and connect with the next generation.

  • Parents: Many parents turn to working in after school enrichment programs for one simple reason, to spend more time with their kids. Parents are often sports coaches, club leaders, program directors, coordinators and volunteers.  As an additional benefit, many programs will offer their parent volunteers/paid workers scholarships or discounted rates on their child’s tuition.
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