Originally introduced in 1996 as Enrichment Instructor Competency Education, a California state-registered vocational program, NETA’s groundbreaking enrichment teacher certification program has helped raise awareness within the industry and the public of the importance of having a certified population of enrichment teachers who are well versed not just in their respective areas of expertise, but also in matters including but not limited to legal liabilities and professional conduct, ethics, classroom management, properly transferring custody of children, creating a safe environment, student safety, etc. 

With its enrichment teacher certification program firmly established, NETA realized yet another phase of its multi-tiered agenda of elevating and bringing innovation to the industry by the creation of the Enrichment Providers Certification.  This certification is based on a set of Standards premised on sound business practices, business ethics, utilization of certified teachers, curriculum and performance analysis, all of which are designed to facilitate best practice, safety and securing the public trust.  Enrichment program providers that demonstrate compliance with the Standards earn the right to bear the designation of being “NETA Certified” on their literature, website and press materials, thereby affirming to the public they serve the efficacy and integrity of their business practices.

As an advocate of the culture of enrichment, NETA has developed and refined programs which teach PTAs and other parent organizations how to launch or transform existing enrichment classes into a much needed fundraising program for their school.  In addition, NETA has developed a training program for entrepreneurs who wish to create enrichment programs for the schools in counties and towns which are currently lacking these opportunities for the children in their areas.

*NEW:  In 2009 NETA is proud to unveil a national database which will revolutionize the way our industry communicates, conducts business, and links quality teachers to program providers & program providers to schools and facilities.  Some of its features include:

  • Access to the nationwide enrichment community through newsletters and online social networking
  • NETA-Certified enrichment teacher profile pages
  • Job posting privileges for program providers making the search for teaching staff quick and easy
  • Access for program providers to create a company profile page allowing schools, municipal agencies and parent groups to locate and vet the programs they wish to hire.
  • Software which can be licensed and is used to run the administration for enrichment programs on a single school basis or for a large scale enrichment business.
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