The enrichment industry has had a profound impact on the lives of countless students, families, schools and communities.  For the first time, there is a unified and comprehensive approach to facilitating best practice in enrichment:

Enrichment teachers are being certified for their ability to demonstrate their mastery of the skills, tasks and knowledge necessary to teach classes safely and effectively.

Enrichment program providers are being certified based on standards premised on sound business practices, business ethics, utilization of certified teachers and curriculum and performance analysis.

Historically, government-enforced licensure is introduced to an industry because (A) the industry fails to provide meaningful self-regulation, and/or (B) the lack of self-regulation precipitates a significant threat to or results in injury to the public. 

The National Enrichment Teachers Association has taken the initiative to introduce and implement self-regulation in the enrichment industry as a means to reduce risk and build public reputation and trust.  The adoption of industry-wide standards coupled with certification has proven to be a viable, reasonable and effective alternative to government intervention for many public-service industries and is a must for our industry if enrichment is to continue to thrive in today’s educational landscape.