Check out some of the kudos and praise garnered by NETA’s certification and training programs, reviews of our official manual, The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion and the volumes that have been written in praise of enrichment.

“…The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion is a great resource for prospective teachers…It would be great if all enrichment teachers were this well prepared.”
                                                Dr. Janice Schultz, Ed.D.
                                                Asst. Superintendent,
                                                Torrance Unified School District

“…The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion gives sage advice on establishing and maintaining high standards of practice and professionalism.”
                                                Dr. Andrew Taylor, Ed.D.
                                                Assistant Headmaster,
                                                The John Thomas Dye School

“…there seems to be sensible logic in having enrichment teachers trained and issued background checks.  It’s good to know that organizations like yours aid our children in ways that supplement their schools.”
                                                Cindy Miscikowski
                                                Councilwoman, Eleventh District
                                                City of Los Angeles

“…I found the course to be very informative.  I gained valuable knowledge which has proven useful in my profession as an enrichment instructor.  As a direct result of my participation in the course, I received my current job.”

                                                J.J. Davis
                                                Enrichment Teacher
                                                Los Angeles, California

“The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion…distills key points needed in understanding and building a successful career as an enrichment instructor.  This book contains vital information and sound advice…this book should be required reading for all agencies, school districts and companies who hire and train enrichment instructors.”
                                                Dr. Eva Marie Shivers, Ph.D.
                                                Psychology in Education
                                                University of Pittsburgh

“I wanted to thank you for the incredible opportunity you gave me.  I had been wanting to work in the LA Unified School District for the last year, but I didn’t know how to go about it.  5 days after I interviewed with you I was teaching class – and getting paid for it!  Thanks for everything guys – I really appreciate it.”
                                                Andrea J. Wilson
                                                Enrichment Teacher
                                                Los Angeles, California

“After reviewing the curriculum, I found that the training clearly ensures the safety of the children involved, and the quality of the teachers involved…”
                                                Joyce Aimee
                                                Los Angeles County Arts Commission

“The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion...is accessible to all who are seeking careers in this field.  I was especially impressed with the section titled ‘Getting the Job’, which was so detailed (yet highly encouraging) that I felt it could be the blueprint for any working individual’s etiquette.”
                                                Lori Woodall
                                                MFA in Acting, California Institute of the Arts
                                                Enrichment Teacher
                                                Los Angeles, California

“…this note is in appreciation of the positive feedback our company had received because of your training.  We have hired many of the teachers you referred to us and found them to be well trained, diligent and professional.  Because of this, we retained your services to offer a group training to our entire staff…the heightened awareness regarding school codes, safety procedures and additional techniques for building classes has enabled our teachers to have more confidence in their work with children.”
                                                Stan Stitgen
                                                President, Noteworthy Learning Systems
                                                Los Angeles, California 

“From searching for employment to dealing with ethics and classroom management, this is an excellent read for anyone who is looking for an opportunity to share knowledge outside of the conventional educational structure.”
                                                Pamela Prather
                                                Lecturer in Acting
                                                Yale School of Drama

“The organization of the book allows information to be easily obtained by the reader who may be looking for specific information…the information is concise and straight to the point with good practical examples...”
                                                Barbara Johnson
                                                Cultural Arts Manager,
                                                City of Manhattan Beach

“On behalf of the children on the Medical/Surgical Unit of Children’s Hospital I wanted to thank you for the commitment of time and talent you have invested in them…you have lifted their spirits and brightened their hospital days…”
                                                Margie Wagner, M.Ed.
                                                Coordinator, Child Life Program
                                                Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles

“Thank you!  The opportunity to bring art programs to McKinley School is a godsend.  As funds get low, the State legislators choose to forego the art fields.  In a callous way it would have been a sound decision, if it resulted in educated children.  However, quite the opposite is true…it leaves the real process of education in the arts to organizations like yours.  On behalf of the students at the school, thank you, again."
                                                Nancy Cohen
                                                Principal, McKinley Elementary School
                                                Santa Monica, California

“As a school site administrator, I have worked with many outside vendors who provide after school enrichment classes.  Some would have benefited by having the preparation this manual provides.”
                                                Robin Toder
                                                Principal, Germain Street Elementary School
                                                Chatsworth, California

“…I liked the fact that safety and responsibility was emphasized throughout the book.”
                                                Donna Zero
                                                Principal, Van Gogh Street School

“…as Vice President of Enrichment for a Parent Faculty Organization of a primary school, I found The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion to be very enlightening…this book will greatly assist teachers, but is a must have guide for all Enrichment Chair’s desks…”
                                                Kisma Stepanich-Reidling
                                                Vice President of Enrichment
                                                Kaiser Schools, Parent Faculty Organization

“Thank you so much for your services…the instructors placed at the Ritchie Valens Recreation Center have been most capable and well informed in the duties and responsibilities of their position.  I would not hesitate one moment to recommend your services to public and private agencies in the enrichment program field.”

                                                Chuck Cavoor
                                                Director, Ritchie Valens Recreation
                                                Pacoima, California

“The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion…is professional and extremely informative.  As an enrichment instructor myself, I would not be without it!”
                                                Penny Ringwood
                                                Owner, Chief Instructor
                                                Seaside Shotokan Karate

“As an enrichment coordinator, it answered questions I needed to learn the hard way by trial and error.  Thanks for collecting all of your experiences into a useful, working tool for enrichment instructors.”
                                                Jennifer Dithridge
                                                Enrichment Coordinator
                                                City of Santa Monica

“As a career enrichment teacher with twelve years of experience in the industry, I feel that The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion…is a must for anyone who loves working with children and is interested in taking what they have to offer to the professional level.”
                                                Gabrielle Tracy
                                                BA, Washington State University
                                                Enrichment Teacher
                                                Los Angeles, California

“Having just moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco, I had no idea how to get involved in the education field in Southern California.  With prior teaching experience and lots of camp coaching, I thought I wouldn’t have a problem.  Countless phone calls to LAUSD led me nowhere.  After our initial meeting and training session, I was receiving phone calls from enrichment programs needing my assistance.  Within one week of training, I was working with 2 enrichment companies and now, I’m speaking with a few more to see what’s available for the summer.  Thanks so much for your help and I won’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone!"
                                                Heather Buddie
                                                Enrichment Teacher
                                                Los Angeles, California

“Enrichment teaching is most often work you create for yourself so the ideas offered about potential venues where I could likely sell my ‘product’ were very helpful.  Honestly, I hadn’t realized there were so many opportunities for employment.”
                                                Kristin Iazzetta
                                                BA, UCLA
                                                Enrichment Teacher
                                                Los Angeles, California

“The Enrichment Teacher’s Companion included everything that a potential teacher should need to get started…I only wish I would have had this resource when I was teaching enrichment classes in my college days.”
                                                Liann Asmussen
                                                Recreation Coordinator
                                                City of Manhattan Beach

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